A spray-painted smiley face is reportedly appearing near the sites where college-aged men are found dead, often in a body of water. Although nearly all of the cases have been classified as accidental or undetermined drownings, there's a theory that at least 40 of these victims have been killed by an organized underground gang referred to as the “Smiley Face Killers.”

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Retired NYPD detective Kevin Gannon and his team of "Smiley Face Killers" investigators: professor of criminal justice, Dr. Lee Gilbertson; and retired NYPD detectives Anthony Duarte and Mike Donovan say they’re trying to prove that these young men weren't just drunk and fell into a river and drowned.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Gannon and his team share why they believe a group of individuals may be targeting these young, healthy, intelligent young men. Hear why they believe the victims were held for a period of time and killed before they were thrown in the water.

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And on Wednesday, hear from six moms who say their sons died under mysterious circumstances – and why they don’t believe they accidentally drowned. Check here to see where you can watch.

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How Former Detectives Investigating 'Smiley Face' Murders Respond To Those Who Debunk Their Theories