Former couple, Janice, and Wayne say they’ve been fighting over how to raise their three children since they divorced several years ago. Janice claims that Wayne is an absentee father who doesn’t take an active role in parenting their kids, while Wayne claims Janice keeps moving farther away from him; and objects to the “lesbian environment” his children are exposed to living with Janice and her new spouse, Shannon.

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The former couple says their arguments escalated after their teenage daughter, Darbi, ran away from home in 2015, becoming a victim of sex trafficking. When Darbi went missing again in October 2016, Janice admits, she didn’t call Wayne, who says he only found out about Darbi’s disappearance via a group text, and on social media.

Janice’s sister, Camille, says she finally stepped in to ask Dr. Phil for help finding her niece and to try to get Janice and Wayne to stop putting their long-time feud ahead of finding their daughter. After Darbi is located and reunited with her parents, they returned to the Dr. Phil stage to talk about their decision to put their differences aside to support Darbi.

“We got together and decided that we were going to work as a family,” says Wayne.

Janice says, “It was a big moment for her – and for us as well. And I’m really grateful for the opportunity that we had to kind of get the wake-up call, and that she’s safe and that she’s OK - and that we can have another chance.”

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To report a missing child or teenager who you believe may be in danger, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. (1-800-843-5678) Learn more at
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