Jillian Epperly claims her recipe for fermented cabbage, water, and large amounts of Himalayan pink salt will regrow limbs, and reverse everything from cancer to possibly homosexuality.

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Jeff Holiday, a self-described student of neuroscience and debunker of pseudoscience on YouTube, claims the creator of “Jilly Juice,” is preying on desperate people by spreading dangerous practices on the internet.

“She’s not a doctor, she’s not a scientist, she doesn’t have the education to understand what she’s saying,” he says, adding, “She’s preying on vulnerable people, people looking for answers, looking for a way to heal themselves.”

Continuing, he says “It’s very simple, ‘Jilly Juice’ is a fraud. If you follow Jillian’s protocol, and you drink about a gallon of this crap a day, you’re gonna end up drinking four times the recommended healthy amount of salt. Not only does this not do what she thinks its supposed to do, but it is actually harmful because it’s convincing people to give themselves sodium poisoning. That can lead to confusion, dizziness, seizures, coma, strokes, even death.”

“Jeff Holiday is nobody to me,” says Jillian, adding, “He’s just somebody that wants to make money and found a place to do it. Jeff Holiday is an out of work YouTuber, who knows that he can get hits and clicks and that this will be the perfect thing for him to make money off of.”

The two come face-to-face on Tuesday’s episode. When Jeff tells her “You are preying on vulnerable people,” How does Jillian respond?

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has reportedly sent Jillian Epperly a letter requesting proof of her “Jilly Juice” claims. AGO spokesperson Dan Tierney told “Dr. Phil” staffers they “Cannot confirm or deny any investigation is going on at this time.”

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