Aja claims her mother, Janet, 57, who says she’s in recovery from drug addiction, is a “mooch” who has been living with her and her husband, Andy, on and off for the past eight years. She claims Janet is taking advantage because she refuses to work, won’t help around the house, and complains about looking after Aja’s children.

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“I never knew how to be a good parent, and she expects me to be a stellar grandparent,” says Janet. “I’m taking care of Aja’s children more than I expected to. It’s not fair that Aja expects me to watch the children at any given time without notice.”

“I feel Aja’s being way too hard on me,” says Janet, who insists she doesn’t take advantage of her daughter. She claims she does help with chores, and isn’t a lazy person, but says she doesn’t feel it’s her responsibility to maintain Aja’s household. “But no matter what I do, it’s never good enough for Aja.”

Aja says she wants her mother to leave her and Andy’s home and learn to live independently; but Janet says she doesn’t believe Aja will kick her out, “Because it’s not in her character.”

Andy says he’s tired of his mother-in-law taking advantage of his wife. How does Aja respond when Andy says if Janet won’t leave, he will? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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Woman Claims Her Mom Uses History With Drug Addiction As An Excuse For Not Knowing How To Parent