Alyssa says she is shocked that her mother, Carla, is again dating her younger sister, Vittoria’s, father, Ron. He spent six years behind bars for hurting Vittoria, who was an infant when she suffered multiple fractures, bruises, lacerations, a brain hemorrhage and more.

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“I have no idea why my mom would go back and date such a terrible man who would hurt her baby,” says Alyssa.

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Ron vehemently denies assaulting Vittoria, who is now 12. He claims Alyssa is trying to turn Vittoria against him and break up his relationship with Carla.

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“I gave her the ultimatum: ‘Pick me, or pick Ron,’” says Alyssa in the video above.

How does Alyssa say Carla responded to her demand?

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A Woman Says, ‘It’s Just Baffling’ That Her Daughter Is Dating The Man Who Was Convicted Of Assaulting Their Baby