Nineteen-year-old Kalli is a college sophomore who says she uses an app to find older men who will pay her to date them. She claims she currently has “arrangements” with two of the men she’s met through the app, and can make up to $200 per hour, or several hundred dollars in a night just by giving them her time. “For being there, talking to them.”

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Though she does admit to having sex with some of the men she dates through the app, the young woman who calls herself a “sugar baby” is adamant - she’s not a prostitute. “It’s not sex for money. It’s … you’re exchanging companionship for money because I’m not just sitting there going to have sex at their house.”

In addition to admitting she receives money and gifts from the men she dates, Kalli, who is currently studying broadcast journalism in school, says some of her sugar daddies have “connections and can help you (like) get placed in life.”

Is Kalli deluding herself? Dr. Phil talks about the legal definitions of prostitution – as well as the statistical dangers of being a sex worker Thursday’s episode.

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