Samantha says she’s “very afraid” of her stepfather, Iain. “He gets angry at the littlest things,” says the 15-year-old. She claims her mother, Sandi’s, husband is verbally and emotionally abusive towards her.

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Iain claims Samantha is to blame for problems in his marriage to Sandi and says he wants her out of the house after the current school year is over.

Samantha doesn’t disagree. “I would definitely want a change in house – I do not like the conflict in the house at all,” says the ninth-grader. “I do feel like there’s a lot of pressure on me in the house and it’s just hard for me to grow up in an environment like that.”

Samantha says she’s in the gifted program at school, has already won a scholarship for math, and has never been in trouble at school or with the law. However, she claims her stepfather says she’s “lazy”, “manipulative”,“fat” - and a “liar.”

“I make mistakes just like anybody else, and I understand that, but I sometimes feel like those labels are very harsh on me when I try to do my best around the house,” says Samantha, who admits she doesn’t feel like she’s wanted or has support at home.

What does Samantha tell Dr. Phil about how she feels about her situation at home? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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