Nicole and Jay’s youngest son claims that his mother has “single-handedly” destroyed their family. “I disowned my mother for three main reasons,” says the teen. “One, she’s a liar. Two, she’s a cheater. And three, she’s a monster.”

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“She has said about my father that he has brainwashed me, but that is not true. If my dad knows that he’s right about something, he’s right,” says the young man. The 17-year-old says his father told him Nicole was cheating with her own mother’s fiancé, John. Nicole, John, and Nicole’s mother, Laura, adamantly deny the accusation.

“My brother is so convinced that my mother is having an affair with my grandmother’s fiancée, John because my dad is so convinced that that’s happening,” says the couple’s older son, Vincent. “I’m afraid my brother is going to have a mental breakdown.”

Noting that parents shouldn’t involve their children in adult problems, Dr. Phil asks Jay, “Do you have any insight, awareness or understanding that your involvement and your level here is counterproductive?”

“I do agree that I am not right, right now, yes,” he replies.

When Dr. Phil refers Jay to Onsite for intensive workshops to help him work through his mistrust of Nicole, does he agree to go?

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