Gina has been taking care of her daughter, Tia’s, 15-year-old son for the last few years because she says Tia hasn’t been able to. The family claims Tia drinks, does drugs, makes false accusations and has threatened to kill herself - and them, which Tia adamantly denies.

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WATCH Woman Claims It’s Her Family’s ‘Mission’ To Make Her Look Crazy

“It’s not a stable environment to be living with my mom,” says the teenager, adding, “You can obviously tell that there’s drugs involved because she was never there.”

Continuing, he says, “I worry about my mom because she could end up dead or in prison because of the actions that she’s taken.”

“I was not a bad mother. I was a very good mother. And the things that come out of his mouth are not true,” says Tia. She claims Gina “brainwashed” the boy to keep him from her.

WATCH Woman Claims Her Mother ‘Brainwashed’ Her Son

Watch the video above to find out what her friend Melanie claims Tia said this past summer that caused her to seek help for Tia from the local authorities.

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