“I miss the wonderful, bubbly girl that she used to be,” says Cynthia of her 15-year-old daughter, Sadara. She says she wants her daughter back the way she was before Sadara started running away from home, stealing cars and getting arrested.


“If things don’t change and her life continues to spiral in this direction,” Cynthia continues, “I fear that I’m going to get a phone call that she’s dead.” Sadara claims she wants to change, but says she doesn’t know how.

“My greatest fear is that the next time I get in trouble I may not be able to wiggle my way around them, and I’ll end up sitting in jail for the rest of my life,” says the teen. “I’m tired of hurting everyone else, including myself.”

When Dr. Phil refers Sadara to Turnabout Ranch for an opportunity to change her self-destructive behaviors, will she accept the offer?

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