Larissa claims her daughter, Noelle, is verbally abusive, and that her behaviors are out of control. Noelle, 14, says she’s not the only one causing problems in the family, but she’s the one who gets the blame.

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“I’ve called my mom a [expletive], and I know that’s bad,” says the teenager, adding, “But in the moment, she’s calling me ‘crazy’ or she’s calling me ‘psycho’ and in that moment I want to say something to her that makes her feel as bad as I do when she calls me crazy.”

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“When she walks into my place of employment and she’s telling people ‘My mom is a [expletive], I’m like, ‘I’m sorry – she’s got an illness,’" says Larissa, who denies calling her daughter names.

Larissa says she put Noelle in therapy on the recommendation of her psychiatrist. Why does Noel say she feels like her mother is pawning her off on other people?

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