Nineteen-Year-Old Cherylyn says she owns a dozen designer bags and around 20 pairs of designer shoes. With an estimated $44,000 in cosmetics and accessories in her room, the jobless teenager says she’s about $25,000 in debt and admits to just throwing away her credit card bills. She claims it’s her mother, Joey’s, fault for never disciplining her and giving her everything she ever wanted.

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Joey claims Cherylyn pawned her treasured family heirlooms and used her social security number to open online gambling accounts - without her permission, which Cherylyn denies. Her boyfriend, Tyler, says he’s given her about $100,000 since they started dating four years ago.

Rosie Mercado, special correspondent for the Emmy award-winning show The Doctors, goes on assignment for Dr. Phil to learn more about Cherylyn and her spending habits. Cherylyn tells Rosie if Joey or Tyler ever stopped giving her money she’d “probably end up very depressed -and I think I’d end up homeless at the end.”

When the two women travel to Las Vegas for a special “girl’s night out,” Cherylyn finds herself out on the streets, experiencing homelessness first-hand. How does she handle it? This episode airs Wednesday.

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Homeless For A Night, In-Debt Teenager Claims Vegas Street Population Smells Like ‘Poverty’