Jeff claims his wife, Audrey, has cheated on him with hundreds of men during their 20-year marriage and says he just wants her to admit it. He admits to checking up on Audrey at work and monitoring her movements with a GPS tracking app.

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“I want to make it very clear that I have never cheated on Jeff,” says Audrey. She says he’s accused her of missing work to spend time with other men, bringing men to her parents’ home while they’re out of town, having sexual relations with a neighbor, and even of sneaking off during her niece’s wedding to perform a sex act on another guest.

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Audrey claims that Jeff calls her names and constantly interrogates her to try to prove that she’s cheated on him.

“Jeff is delusional. There is absolutely no reasoning with him,” says Audrey. She says she’s tired of living with his accusations.

What “proof” does Jeff claim he has that Audrey has cheated, and why does Audrey say she believes there’s something “wrong” with Jeff?

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