Jessie lives in her father, John’s, home along with her 14-month-old daughter, her 16-year-old sister, Angelina; and the woman she refers to as her stepmother, Angelina’s mother, Laura.

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Jessie claims Laura is a hoarder and says she’s fed up with living in a “dirty, disgusting house.” Laura denies the allegation saying she doesn’t think of herself as a hoarder. She claims much of the mess belongs to Jessie.

The two women say they recently got into a physical altercation over an incident involving Jessie’s baby.

“Just last week, my little sister, Angelina, offered to feed my baby breakfast,” says Jessie. “We put her in the highchair. She was grunting and whining. After 10 minutes, I hear my daughter scream. So I sent my boyfriend in. My boyfriend saw Laura holding down my baby’s arms and Angelina force feeding her and he asked Angelina why is she crying and she said, because she doesn’t want to eat so we’re making her.”

Jessie says she removed the child from her highchair, but Laura claims Jessie came storming out, took the high chair tray off, and threw it. That’s when things got physical between them.

Laura claims Jessie started swinging at her head. “She was holding onto the baby so when I grabbed her arm, she threw the highchair over and the baby fell,” she says.

The women say their fight escalated until the police were called. What do they claim happened next?

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