Sisters Alexandra and Victoria claim their father, Steve, has been overprotective of them all their lives. The siblings say as children, they weren’t allowed to go on field trips at school, attend social events, choose their own friends, or permitted to watch the news.

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Victoria, 20, says she was made to repeat the eighth grade, and then home-schooled because, she claims, her dad wasn’t ready for her to go to high school. “He first asked me, ‘Hey, I talked to your teachers. I think that they all said that they would recommend you repeating the eighth grade.’ And at that point, I was confused because I passed all my classes. I graduated and he - he asked me - and I said, ‘No way.’ I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that’. And then he pretty much just chose for me even after he asked me.”

The siblings claim their dad continues to control their lives, even though they’re both grown.

Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday to learn why Steve says he feels he needs to continue being vigilant in his adult daughters’ lives.

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Why A Dad Accused Of Controlling His Daughters’ Lives Says He Just Wanted To Protect Their Innocence