LiAnne admits that in the past she hasn’t been the best mom, but says that was no reason for her mother, Debra, to go behind her back and “steal” her kids.

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“I’ve made mistakes in the past, but I was completely blindsided when my mother went behind my back and took guardianship of my children,” she says.

LiAnne, who acknowledges she has a history of substance abuse, claims she’s been sober for the past three years, and is doing everything in her power to show Debra that’s she changed, including closing her successful hair salon and moving into her mother’s attic just to be closer to her children.

“But my mom gives me no credit,” she says in the video above.

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Debra claims LiAnne was evicted from all three of her hair salons for not paying rent and lived in a U-Haul after becoming homeless. She says LiAnne “Came home because she had no place else to go.”

Debra has legal permanent guardianship of LiAnne’s children. She says the final straw was when a pair of strangers dropped her grandchildren off at her house in the middle of the night.

“She just has no natural instinct to be a mother, claims Debra, but LiAnne insists she needs to have her “God-given rights” as a parent restored.

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How does LiAnne claim her mother is standing between her and her children?

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