Erik claimed to be a widower and single dad, a Stanford University graduate, a former NFL player, and a successful businessman. But his exes say, none of that is true. They’re claiming Erik is a “con man” who tells detailed and elaborate lies.

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Tiffany, who says she met Erik in 2011, claims he’s “a total fraud” who promised to buy her a house and a car but never came through. She broke off the relationship in 2013, after having his child.

WATCH Woman Claims Ex Who Promised Her A Car And A House Is ‘ A Total Fraud’

Sheka, who dated Erik in 2018, claims he told the same lies to her. She says that soon after meeting him, Erik told her his wallet was stolen while he was in the hospital and needed help paying for a hotel room.

Sheka claims he promised to buy her a mansion, and “bought” her an SUV for her birthday, but when the money transfer didn’t clear, the vehicle had to go back to the dealership.

“I feel like Erik is a con man who has mastered the art of manipulation,” she says in the video above. Why does Erik, who admits he lied to Tiffany and Sheka, claim that Sheka is also a liar?

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‘As Far Back As I Can Remember, I’ve Always Had An Issue Not Being Truthful With People’