LiAnne claims her mother, Debra, crossed a line when she made a medical decision for LiAnne’s then 6-year-old daughter without telling her. Last December, the child was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains, transferred to another facility, then taken in for emergency surgery the next day. LiAnne says it was “Life changing” for her because she wasn’t notified.

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Debra says she contacted LiAnne to tell her about the surgery but claims her daughter didn’t respond until after the child was already in recovery.

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"Rather than saying, ‘Oh my gosh – I’ll be right there,’ she started ranting and raving about how I had no right to allow this surgery to happen without her permission,” says Debra, adding, “I couldn’t reach her. I did what I had to do for my granddaughter and her feelings were not my priority.”

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Debra has legal guardianship of LiAnne’s children. Why does LiAnne claim that Debra was “Completely out of line”?

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