Following her divorce, Amber says she started a company she named DIVAS: Divorcing Independent Very Able Survivors. “I was featured in USA Today; I’ve been on every single major news network,” claims the entrepreneur.

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Her parents, Vickie and Larry, say the idea for the business was “perfectly reasonable,” but they claim Amber was drinking heavily and acting irrationally - behaviors they say concerned them.

“We got Amber evaluated and the doctors determined she needed to go to a state hospital,” says Vickie. It was during this time, she says, that Amber’s ex-husband filed for custody of their children. Eventually, she says, Amber also lost her new company.

“Instead of helping me, my parents have sabotaged me,” says Amber who claims her business failed because her parents didn’t support her. She also claims Vickie and Larry had her committed to a mental institution, “because they didn’t understand my vision.”

“My parents have to take some of the responsibility for where I am now,” says the 40-year-old. “Not only have they cost me jobs and had my children taken away but that’s led to major, major depression where I couldn’t be back on top of my game. So, I do feel like my parents are in debt to me for the pain that they’ve caused me.”

Why do Larry and Vickie say their daughter only comes to them when she needs money? And what leads Dr. Phil to tell Amber to stop talking? Part one of this two-part episode airs Wednesday.

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