Abby and Josh claim their baby sister, Bethany, is addicted to heroin - and it’s killing her. They say the former high school soccer star recently had emergency open-heart surgery to replace a leaky valve, and another operation to have a pacemaker put in due to complications from her drug use.


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“She was extremely sick. She was knocking on death’s door 100 percent,” says Josh. He claims - that despite having bi-lateral pneumonia - his little sister refused to be admitted the night their parents brought her to the E.R. because “she wanted to get high.”

Josh says it was a drug dealer who brought Bethany back to the hospital where she was admitted to the ICU and was eventually put into a medically-induced coma.

“The worst part of this whole thing is that this was completely self-inflicted because of her drug habit,” says Abby.

Why do Bethany’s siblings say it might have been better if their sister had died? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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