Tatiana says she joined the Jehovah’s Witness faith nearly a decade ago and claims that when she was a member, she wasn’t allowed to celebrate holidays or birthdays or get an education.

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“I wasn’t allowed to read outside literature that spoke badly about Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I wasn’t allowed to associate with worldly people,” she claims. Tatiana claims that when she began questioning the church’s beliefs, as well as her husband, “that’s when the problems began.”

The couple says when they started having difficulties in their marriage they turned to church leaders for help.

“The elders came over, we prayed together, we came to a resolution, and after we left we thought that everything was perfectly fine,” says Robert.

“Two days later,” claims Tatiana, “we got a call from CPS saying that the elders had made an allegation against Robert.”

Tatiana claims Child Protective Services interviewed their children and weeks later, took them away.

Robert adamantly denies the accusations against him saying, “CPS had no proof that I did anything wrong.”

Tatiana claims the entire thing was “Just a misunderstanding.” 

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