Stefanie claims her mother, Cheryl, has no boundaries and tries to run her life. She says when she typed the terms “mom,” “overbearing,” “daughter,” and “relationship” into a search engine, she ended up finding something called “emotional incest.”

“It’s when your parent tries to make you their husband or wife – and it’s not in a sexual way. It’s in an emotional way,” explains the 26-year-old. “You should feel guilty if you sway and are devoted to anyone else.”

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Stefanie and her boyfriend, Michael, claim that Cheryl demands daily phone calls and texts, has no regard for Stefanie’s privacy and gets upset if Stefanie does anything without her.

“I thought it was really disgusting – ‘emotional incest’ doesn’t apply to me,” says Cheryl who claims she and Stefanie had a great relationship until Michael came along. Since then, she says, Stefanie has become “very disrespectful,” and has been shutting Cheryl out of her life. Cheryl claims Michael is “using” her daughter.

Stefanie and Michael say they want to get married and start a family one day. What do they say is holding them back? And what does Dr. Phil propose to help Stefanie and Cheryl repair their relationship?

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