When Vittoria was an infant, she suffered multiple fractures, abrasions, bruises and brain hemorrhages all before she was 4 months old. Her father, Ron, was convicted of assaulting her and spent six years behind bars. Today, Vittoria is 12, and Ron vehemently denies ever hurting Vittoria. He claims her injuries were “pinned” on him.

WATCH Man Claims His Infant Daughter’s Assault Was ‘Pinned’ On Him

Ron started dating Vittoria’s mother, Carla, again in 2017. Ron and Carla say they’re in love, but Carla’s mother, Marian, says she thinks their relationship is “totally toxic” for her grandchildren.

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Marian claims Vittoria is upset because she doesn’t want Ron and her mother dating, and says Ron and Carla’s relationship has also damaged Carla’s older daughter, Alyssa, who remembers her sister’s injuries.

“Ron’s not making Carla date him; Carla chose to,” asserts Marian in the video above. “It’s just destroyed our family,” she continues.

Marian says she believes Ron is guilty of assaulting Vittoria and refuses to allow him in her home. She also claims Ron upset Vittoria on a recent outing to the lake by screaming profanities at her. Carla admits that caused her to stop bringing Vittoria around him.

How does Carla respond when Alyssa asks, “Then why is he still in our lives?”

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