Linda said her neighbor, Sandra, was in the middle of a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, Joey, and she was tired of watching the couple’s two daughters get caught in the middle, so she wrote to Dr. Phil for help.

She claimed that the girls often showed up at her apartment after, she says, their mother would leave them alone for hours. She also claimed that they said they were hungry and appeared disheveled.

Sandra denies ever putting the children in harm’s way and explains she does not leave them outside alone for hours, that they frequently check in with her.

“When the girls are late for school, that isn’t her fault; that’s their fault. When their hair isn’t brushed, that’s their fault. When they have dirty clothes on, that’s because they didn’t tell her they needed clean clothes,” Linda says, referring to what she says are some of Sandra’s excuses when it comes to her daughters.

Sandra says that the reason her daughter “wore the same outfit for a week” was because she insisted on wearing it and that Sandra washed it by hand every night.

When Linda, Sandra and Joey first appeared on Dr. Phil, Joey took a polygraph and drug test to demonstrate his innocence, and passed both. Sandra agreed to take both tests, but didn’t in the end take either.

Since the show, both Linda and Joey claim Sandra has been at times confrontational with them.

“As soon as we walked off the stage, Sandra was right in my face trying to defend herself. She was saying she didn’t leave the children alone for three hours; it was three hours, but they kept coming up and down stairs, so that doesn’t count,” Linda claims. “I know the things I said were true.”

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Linda claims that recently, the girls showed up to her door at 9:30 p.m. after walking down three flights of stairs with large suitcases and their scooter.

“I opened the door, and they were both crying and they said, ‘Mommy said we can never come back here. We [ran] away, we can never come back,’” Linda claims. “They brought all of their stuff in and they said, ‘Ms. Linda, if we stay in the bushes and someone stabs us, you’ll come, right?’”

Linda recalls that their suitcases were filled with clothes and food and claims that she received a text from Sandra an hour later asking if the girls were with her. “She said, ‘Wasn’t it nice of me to pack their suitcases? And I even gave them some of my jackets. And I gave them food. Was that nice?’” Linda claims.

When Sandra and Joey recently returned to the show, Sandra explained that she now believes that her daughters were making up lies, and said that she was willing to take a polygraph to show that she had not “coached” her daughters.

“Now that Sandra has decided that all the lying is the girls’ fault, I’m very, very worried for them,” Linda says. “She says she wants to have both of the girls polygraphed to prove that they are the ones who are lying.”

On Tuesday’s episode, find out if Sandra finally takes the polygraph. Check here to see where you can watch.