Nino says his mother, Anna, has given away over $120,000 to her internet “boyfriend,” a self-proclaimed American millionaire working in Nigeria, who calls himself “Sammie Lee Strong.”

Anna says she first invested in “Sammie’s” oil business in Nigeria and later sent him money to help him get home to the States. Then, she says, “Sammie” told her he needed bail money, claiming he was being detained because he failed to pay his taxes.

What is Anna’s response when Dr. Phil asks, “Do you think that someone who really loved you would even allow you to give them money?”

Part one of this three-part episode airs Tuesday. Tune in for part two on Wednesday to find out where Dr. Phil’s investigation into “Sammie Lee Strong” leads.

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If you believe you have been the victim of an internet love scam, visit the FBI’s special website:

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