Michelle admits that she enabled her younger sister, Valerie, who is homeless and alcohol-dependent, for years because she was worried for Valerie’s daughter Heather. Then, three years ago, Michelle says she cut Valerie out of her life and hasn’t seen her sister since.

“Valerie just played on that ‘needy card,’” says Michelle. “It was a constant guilt thing.” Michelle claims that Valerie now guilts Heather into enabling her and says that the emotional abuse is tearing Heather apart. She says, “If Valerie can’t change, Heather needs to break away from her mom and her toxicity.”

Watch the video above to hear why Michelle and Heather claim that Valerie prefers being on the streets.

Watch the video above to hear some of the voice messages Valerie has left for Heather.

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?’” airs Tuesday.

And later, why does Valerie claim that Heather is to blame for ruining her life?

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