Brooke says when she and her husband, Jason, invited Sarah, a homeless woman they’d known for four months, to move into their home, she set some boundaries. “No smoking, no drinking. Because I had given Sarah some boundaries, she came back to me with some boundaries of her own,” she says.

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“I asked Brooke to not treat me as a child. To respect my choices and my decisions,” says Sarah. “I wanted to make sure that Brooke knew neither of us were better than the other.” She claims Brooke treated her “differently” because “She felt that she was far more superior than me.”

After moving in with Brooke and Jason and their seven children, Sarah claims she observed some things that she considered warning signs of child neglect and possible sexual abuse in the home. She reported it to DCS, and according the Brooke and Jason, the family was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Brooke says they kicked Sarah out a short while later. She claims Sarah owes them an apology, but Sarah says she regrets nothing.

“There is absolutely nothing - there is not one thing about what you’re saying - that is accurate,” Jason tells Sarah on Friday’s Dr. Phil.

When he tells her “You are insistent upon finding your own past in my children’s present,” how does Sarah respond?

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