Brandi says after she served 42 days in jail for destroying her then-husband, Victor’s, home recording studio, she went home and immediately keyed his car. She also says she ruined some of his good dress shirts by pouring bleach on them.

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“It’s not a vindication, but I felt like I was entitled and I had the right to do that,” she says. Brandi claims Victor is controlling and abusive, and she says she believes he was cheating on her at the time, which he denies.

Victor claims Brandi is a “raging alcoholic” who is violent and verbally abusive when she drinks.

“I was not drinking when I keyed the car, but I was drinking when I destroyed the recording studio,” says Brandi. “Normally some of my really bad decisions is when I was drinking excessively.” She vehemently denies being an alcoholic.

The former couple’s divorce was finalized recently, but Brandi says she wants to win Victor back.

“I still love him, Dr. Phil,” she says in part one of a two-part episode airing Wednesday... “We were the rock ‘n’ roll couple. I mean it’s just toxic kind of.”

What does Victor say Brandi has to do before he’ll consider reconciling with her?

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