Susan says her daughter, Emma, has led a “troubled life” of drugs and abuse since she was a teenager. She claims Emma’s teenage and young adult years have been “one drama after another,” but things took a turn for the worse when Emma’s fiancé died from an overdose, leaving her alone with their two children.

Susan, who admits she has only seen her daughter in person three times in the past 11 years, claims that in the last four months, Emma was evicted from her apartment, and her children were sent to live with their paternal grandmother. Additionally, she says that Emma is facing a year in jail because she was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

“I would hope that my daughter has hit rock bottom, but the biggest problem is that she doesn’t think it’s a problem,” says Susan.

What does Emma’s father, David, say about what’s going on in her life? Watch Friday’s episode, “Broken Ties and Financial Lies,” to find out!

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