Kelly says her brother, David, died on March 29, 2020, from complications of COVID-19. Two days later, her mother, Judith, and father, Lewis, also succumbed to the disease. The couple, who had been married 57 years, died within hours of each other.

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Kelly says the night her brother died, she prayed to God about her parents. “I asked Him that if He was going to take them, to take them together, because they would never have been able to live knowing that they had lost my brother,” she says.

WATCH: ‘We Have Been So Broken By This,’ Says Woman Whose Parents And Brother Died Of COVID-19

“You’re certainly entitled to be overwhelmed,” Dr. Phil says, adding, “I’m trying to wrap my head around what you’ve been through.”

Kelly’s husband, Don, was also in the ICU with COVID-19 at the time her parents and brother died. He has since recovered. Kelly says that because her family has not been able to have any funerals or memorial services, the deaths of her parents and brother don’t feel “real” yet, and she doesn’t know how to help her children grieve.

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