In 2015, Camma’s 8-year-old daughter accused her fiancé, Andrew, of touching her in "bad places." Andrew was later found guilty on charges of statutory rape of Camma’s daughter, but Camma claims the child lied, and that Andrew is innocent. She’s accusing her ex-husband, Brandon, of manipulating their daughter into lying about the abuse, she claims so he could gain full custody of the girl. Brandon denies the claim and says his daughter isn’t a liar.

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Camma says she sent the child to live with her parents after the allegations against Andrew surfaced, so she could continue to live with him and show her support. She says, “I don’t know if I could trust her around Andrew ever again. I’d never want to put him through this again.” She says she wants help proving Andrew’s innocence.

When Dr. Phil says, “You haven’t considered that she might actually be getting victimized here,” how does Camma respond?

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Man Convicted Of Molesting Fiancée’s Young Daughter Proclaims His Innocence