Aja says she’s tired of taking care of her mother, Janet, who she claims has lived with her and her husband, Andy, on and off for the past eight years. She claims that while Janet, who says she’s a recovering drug addict, does pay $300 per month in rent, she refuses to work, doesn’t help much around the house, and complains about helping to care for Aja’s children.

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“She’ll call me at work or wherever I’m at to say one of the kids are acting up or they’re not listening or she’s frustrated.”

Aja insists she wants her mother to move out and become more independent but says she’d feel guilty just putting her out on the street; even though she claims Janet neglected her and her older sister, Ashley, all the while they were growing up, due to drug use.

Janet claims she does help around the house but admits she didn’t have the tools to be a good parent while her own children were growing up, and says Aja shouldn’t expect her to be a perfect grandparent now.

Does Janet say she wants to be out on her own?

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