Dianne claims her stepdaughter, Alicia, steals, is a chronic liar and says she worries Alicia’s former lavish lifestyle was funded by “criminal methods.”

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“I’ve seen her driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes, and having a lot of cash on hand,” says Dianne, adding, “We ask Alicia where these things come from, and she lies about it.”

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Alicia adamantly denies Dianne’s claims. She claims her stepmother has always favored her older sister, Kayla, and says that makes her feel like the black sheep of the family. Dianne admits, “I do choose sides between Alicia and Kayla because I know who Alicia is, and I know that she’s probably not telling the truth.”

Alicia says she wants nothing to do with Kayla or Dianne, and the only person in the family she cares to have a relationship with is her father, Ronald. Watch more from Tuesday’s Dr. Phil to learn what Ronald says about his relationship with his daughter.

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