Lois says she met a man in a motel room and gave him $9,000 in exchange for what was supposed to be a suitcase from her former online sweetheart, filled with gold, cash, and what was intended to be her wedding ring.

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“She could have been killed,” says Lois’ daughter, Candice, adding, “She has no idea the danger she has put herself in.”

WATCH: Woman Expecting Luggage Full Of Cash, Gold, And Jewelry Says She Received ‘White Money’ Instead

Lois says she never received the luggage but instead was presented with stacks of “white money” that require a special solution before they can be used.

Lois says she knows the money is real because when they were in the motel room, the man “washed three bills for me.”

Is the “white money” real, or has Lois been scammed? Watch part two of this three-part Dr. Phil airing Tuesday to find out.

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