Forty-year-old Amber says since her divorce from ex-husband, Bo, eight years ago – she’s hit rock bottom. She’s lost everything; including her home, her business - and custody of her children. And she claims her parents, Vickie and Larry, are to blame. Amber claims they sabotaged her by refusing to help her finance her company and telling the courts she was an unfit mother – and had her committed to the state hospital. She’s also claiming she grew up in an abusive home.

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Vickie and Larry deny Amber was abused as a child, and say she’s only making the accusation because she’s angry that they won’t give her money. The couple admits they testified against their daughter in a custody hearing and had her evaluated by mental health professionals (who recommended hospitalization) claiming she was drinking heavily and behaving irrationally at the time.

Watch the video above for a recap of Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, then tune in to Thursday’s episode to learn what harrowing event Amber says happened to her as a teenager that continues to haunt her today.

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