Shelly’s family claims she’s a raging alcoholic who gets violent when she drinks. She admits she drinks too much “at times,” but says it’s not her fault. She claims alcoholism runs in her family, rehab didn’t help, and her drinking isn’t that big of a problem.

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Claiming her husband, John is an enabler, Shelly says, “Just last night, he didn’t want to drink, but he gave me the money to buy the alcohol, and he drank with me.”

John says that’s true but claims he only did so because Shelly was “freaking out.”

“I’m only here because they said I had to come here or they would not have anything to do with me,” Shelly tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode.

How does Shelly respond when it’s revealed that she’s lost several jobs and been arrested multiple times due in part to her alcohol abuse?

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