Katelyn says she has always had a difficult relationship with her mother, Sandy, and has never felt loved.

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“We’re like oil and water. We don’t mix,” she says, claiming her mother “Made me feel like I was the black sheep of the family.”

Katelyn claims her mother is bitter and jealous because she never had children of her own. She’s claiming Sandy went behind her back and “stole” her son by petitioning the court for permanent guardianship of the boy.

Sandy and her husband, Ed, claim that Katelyn is an unfit mother who jumps from job to job and can’t afford to properly care for her child. They say Katelyn needs to get on her feet first and prove she can provide a stable home for their grandson before that can happen. Katelyn denies that she’s an unfit parent.

“Everything that’s gone wrong in her life is someone else’s fault,” says Ed. He claims his stepdaughter asked him and Sandy to pay for a lawyer to get her son back. “If she’s got to ask us for money for that, how can she support that child?”

“I said you took it upon yourself to go get you a lawyer to get my son, you should pay for it for me to get him back,” replies Katelyn.

When Dr. Phil asks Katelyn, “Does it seem rational to you to ask them to give you money to hire a lawyer to sue them?” how does she respond?

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