Julianne claims her daughter, Mariah’s, boyfriend, Leighton, is a “pathological liar” with a “silver tongue,” who has conned people out of money, faked his own kidnapping, spent time in jail for domestic abuse, and got Mariah hooked on opiates, allegations he adamantly denies.

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“Julianne’s said that I’ve shoved drugs down Mariah’s throat – that I got her started on the drug scene. It’s completely untrue,” asserts Leighton who says he’s not the source of Mariah’s problems. He claims Mariah’s mother introduced her to marijuana at an early age. Julianne denies giving Mariah marijuana though admits condoning her (then) teenage daughter's use.

“Mariah is an addict. If there’s something that has addictive values – she’ll pursue it,” claims Leighton. He says Julianne is “the world’s worst enabler.”

“Her mom pays for everything. Insurance, phone food – gas – everything,” says Leighton who insists Julianne “took a huge part in creating this mess in the first place. “

Leighton claims Julianne “blows things out of proportion,” to make him look bad with Mariah.

On Friday’s Dr. Phil, learn what happened before the show, beginning with an argument caught on video as the trio was on their way to the studio.

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