Sarah claims her daughter was “kidnapped” by her sister, Jamie-Lee, and is now being kept from her by her stepmother, Cindy and her father, Jim

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Her family says the reason Sarah doesn’t have custody of her little girl is because she’s living “a dark, and scary life.”

“Sarah has a reputation of aligning herself with some bad men, men who have had felony records, who have been in gangs,” says Jim.

Cindy says she believes Sara is both doing drugs - and selling them. “November twenty-first, Sarah was arrested with three pounds of marijuana in her car with a known gang member.”

“I was terrified day and night here my daughter was and where she was going, and where she would possibly end up,” says Sarah’s mother, Sharon. She says she put a GPS tracker on Sarah’s car to keep tabs on her activities, and Cindy claims it’s shown Sarah visiting multiple houses, apartment buildings, parks, parking lots, street corners and neighborhoods associated with gangs.

Her sister, Jamie Lee, says she believes Sarah was behind a robbery at her home and claims she has been prostituting herself; allegations which Sarah strongly denies.

Jamie Lee says she believes Sarah has put the whole family at risk, by virtue of the company she keeps. “The people my sister hangs out with, they wouldn’t think twice in killing me, my father, my mother, my sister, my brother or the baby. So it makes you live a life of fear.”

Why does Sarah claim her sister “kidnapped” her child? And what have the courts said about her current ability to parent her daughter? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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