Jyllian says she fell in love with her foster daughter, Evelyn, the first moment she saw her and was thrilled when she was able to adopt her and make her a permanent part of her family five years ago.

Now, Jyllian claims she is being harassed and stalked by her daughter’s birth mother, Olivia, and her family, and that they have also slandered her online. She says because of this, she does not want Evelyn to have contact with her birth mother.

“If [Evelyn] wants Olivia in her life, it’s up to me, as her parent, to decide what’s in the best interest of my child,” Jyllian says. “At this point, I will have to say no.”

Jyllian says that she may reconsider her decision in the future, but Olivia would have to change her behavior.

“I think there’s going to need to be a lot of healing, she’s not trashing me online or stalking me,” Jyllian says. “If she can’t do that, then there will be no option of them reconnecting until my daughter’s 18 and has her own choice.”

Olivia and her mother, Julia, claim Evelyn was illegally taken from their family by authorities and placed for adoption and that they have spent the past five years fighting to see her. Olivia, who denies harassing Jyllian, claims Jyllian promised to let her be a part of Evelyn’s life but has ignored Olivia’s attempts to make contact and says that Jyllian is an unfit mother. 

Jyllian adamantly denies making any promises about Evelyn to Olivia, says their claims are outrageous and that everything about the adoption was legal.

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Dr. Phil asks Jyllian, “If the drama was gone, if the dysfunction was gone, if you had confidence that your character would not be assassinated and your relationship with your daughter be sabotaged, and Evelyn had an interest or curiosity in doing that, you would be open to taking steps in that direction, first, supervised and all -- you would be open to that?”

“I would be open to it when Evelyn is emotionally way more mature than she is right now, and I’m not talking 12. If she’s interested right now at this point, I think there’s been a lot of bad blood and there’s been a lot that’s been said about me.”

In the video above, Olivia’s mother and sister question Jyllian’s motives.

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