Aja says her 57-year-old mother, Janet, a self-described recovering drug addict, has lived with her and her husband, Andy, on and off for eight of the past 10 years. She claims Janet is completely dependent on her and says she’s tired of taking care of her mother without any help.

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Aja claims her older sister, Ashley, refuses to get involved and expects her to take care of Janet, alone. “Ashley feels that my mother should be able to live independently. That she thinks that I should do all the work to get her there,” claims Aja, adding, “I think it’s about time that my sister does more for my mother. I’m over it. It’s her turn.”

Ashley says her relationship with both her mother and her sister is strained. She says it’s time Janet got a job, a place of her own, and “stops mooching off Aja.”

Ashley says she had a difficult childhood because of her mother’s addiction to drugs and refuses to take care of Janet now because Janet didn’t take care of her or Aja while they were growing up.

“My mom is selfish because she cares more about her drug addiction than her children,” says Ashley. She claims her mother tried to sell her for drugs when she was an infant, which Janet adamantly denies.

Why does Ashley say her sister isn’t giving their mother the push she needs to get her life together? Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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