Tony says he won’t allow his mother, Traci, to see his 6-month-old daughter until Traci admits she has a problem with alcohol.

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“I can’t physically let her see my daughter because it’s not good to have a grandmother who is constantly drunk,” he says.

Traci, who adamantly denies that she has a problem with alcohol dependency, was also recently banned from seeing her grandchildren by her daughter Marena, after an incident in which Marena claims that Traci slammed a door on one of her daughter’s hands while drunk.

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“If our children aren’t enough for her to stop drinking, then I don’t see any reason for her to stay in our life,” says Tony in the video above. “I have no doubt that she has a drinking problem and won’t admit it.”

And later, Traci’s boyfriend, Jeff, says he drinks with Traci nearly every day. Why does he say he doesn’t think she has a problem with alcohol?

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