Sandi says her husband, Iain’s, 86-year-old mother, Yvonne, “constantly stirs the pot”, a claim Yvonne strongly denies. Sandi claims the elderly woman calls Sandi and her 15-year-old daughter, Samantha, “lazy” and “slobs,” and that she will chastise the teenager “for anything.”

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“Miss Yvonne puts up a front like she likes me – but in her emails, she’s said a lot of mean things about me,” says Samantha.

Sandi says she doesn’t want her mother-in-law to live with them anymore. She claims that Yvonne, who moved in with the family six years ago, spies on her and on Samantha, then reports to Iain everything that goes on in their home while he’s away.

“I see nothing in this home but bad parenting, lies, and deceit,” says Yvonne, who denies her daughter-in-law’s allegations, including about “spying”. “I do not creep around and spy. I’ve got other things to do,” she says. “If I walk in and I see something, it’s there – open for me to see.”

Yvonne says she believes Samantha has been stealing chocolates from a container in her room. “I confronted her and she denied it. I told her - why doesn’t she be an honest Christian instead of a disgusting liar?” Yvonne claims her daughter-in-law doesn’t hold Samantha accountable for her behavior.

What does Yvonne say when Sandi claims her mother-in-law once pressed a knife to her forehead during a family argument over Samantha’s chores? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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