Kitty, a self-proclaimed an animal activist, animal lover and an animal rescuer, made international headlines in 2013 when she rescued a calf who was found abandoned in a frozen field with severely frostbitten back legs that needed to be amputated. With the help of generous vets and donations, she was able to provide Hero with prosthetic limbs so he could walk again. When he took his first steps with his new legs, the video went viral and the donations for Hero and Kitty’s animal rescue started to pour in -- but Kitty says so did the “haters” who she claims are out to destroy her reputation. Watch as Kitty comes face to face with her “haters” for the first time.

Among the accusations, Kitty’s skeptics claim that two rescue dogs were shot in the head while in her care. In the video above, Dr. Phil, a devout animal lover and owner of a 9-year-old rescue dog, Maggie, questions Kitty’s decision to have the dogs killed.

“I have tried to put myself in a position of deciding what would have to happen that I would go out in the yard and shoot a dog in the head. But you had Bella and Haystock shot in the head,” Dr. Phil says.

“They attacked two cats,” Kitty replies.

“You’re telling me that you had these dogs shot in the head because they got in a fight with a cat, and the cat lost?” Dr. Phil probes.

“No,” Kitty says. She explains that an employee put the dogs in a metal crate but didn’t secure it properly, so the dogs got out and killed three animals in front of her husband, and he shot them.

“Aren’t you telling me then that the animals were not appropriately separated, that an employee failed to do his job, and therefore the dogs were allowed access to the cats, and based on instinct reacted, so you shot them in the head?” Dr. Phil continues.

Kitty claims that the dogs were a liability because at the time, she had children and elderly visiting her property.

Dr. Phil reads statements from people who knew the dogs, that dispute Kitty’s claim and asks, “Do you think you may have overreacted in shooting the dogs?”

“I don’t think so,” she replies.

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