Gordon says that when his wife, Marie, started claiming that a neighbor was sending “chemical bombs” to poison their home in 2017, he didn’t believe her.

“When Marie first started experiencing the effects of this, I couldn’t smell it. I didn’t’ think anything was wrong. I did start thinking my wife was crazy,” he says.

Then, says Gordon, he began noticing strong fumes and experiencing physical symptoms, including cramping, blistering, feeling drugged, and having a chemical taste in his mouth. Marie’s symptoms include rashes, dizziness, and pain.

Currently, the couple say they sleep outside in a tent on the veranda of their home. “It’s giving us fresh air at night, and we’re not being exposed to the chemicals,” says Gordon.

When Dr. Phil asks, “Have you entertained alternative explanations to being terrorized or attacked by the neighbors?” what is Gordon’s response?

Plus, what are the challenges that Gordon and Marie face sleeping in a tent? Dr. Phil and Robin demonstrate in the video above. And later, Dr. Phil sends professional help to investigate what’s going on inside Marie and Gordon’s home. What do they uncover?

Dr. Phil Down Under: ‘Poisoned in Our Own Home?’” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

WATCH: Woman Claims A Neighbor Is Poisoning Her Home With ‘Chemical Bombs’

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