Siblings Abby and Josh claim their baby sister, Bethany’s, addiction to heroin is so bad that she snuck out of their parents’ house to use, the same night she was released from a two-month hospital stay – and hasn’t come back. She’d had heart valve replacement surgery, a pacemaker implant, and compound infections which left her fighting for her life, all as a result of her drug use.

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“Physically, Bethany’s appearance has changed drastically,” says older brother, Josh. “Her eyes have sunken in, her body is shriveled up – she looks like a corpse.”

“Drugs are more important to Bethany than anything else – even herself,” says Abby, who claims her little sister doesn’t show respect to anyone in the family.

“One time she had a boyfriend over when my parents were out of town, and he overdosed. The fact that she would bring that into my family’s home is just absolutely insane.” Abby says Bethany hasn’t spoken to her since she told her to get her life together.

Why does Bethany’s mom, Charlotte, say she doesn’t want to know the person Bethany has become?

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