Carl, a former firefighter EMT, claims he is in the fight of his life due to a long list of very serious health issues. He claims doctors have told him his liver is “shot,” that he has both lymph node and liver cancer, and that he takes more insulin than his doctor has ever seen anyone take. Carl also claims he’s had numerous heart attacks in a brief period of time.

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Carl’s daughters and sister, who say he has called them and said he is going to die, claim Carl is a master manipulator, a liar, has extreme Munchausen syndrome and is not as sick as he pretends.

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After speaking with Carl and his family and examining his medical records, Dr. Phil asks him, “Why are you saying all of these things about your health when they’re not true?”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s thoughts in the video above and why he tells Carl, “You need to pull your head [expletive] and listen to me.”

This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

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