Marcea calls her husband, Dustin, a “narcissistic alcoholic.” She claims she has found his profile on a sugar daddy website looking for “discretion” and “friends with benefits,” and that he has paid college girls thousands of dollars for “unknown services.” And, she says they are about to be divorced – but that Dustin served her with the papers.

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However, she claims he constantly manipulates her into thinking he wants to work on their marriage – including renting a large house for her and their 2-year-old daughter to live with him.

When Dustin accuses her of hacking into his phone, Marcea turns to Dr. Phil and says, “This is the ridiculous, manipulative behavior that I’m so tired of.”

Dr. Phil makes clear that Dustin may or may not have acted in the ways Marcea claims – and Dustin denies ever cheating on his wife – but that if Marcea believes her accusations, she needs to take a closer look at her own behavior.

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“My question for you is why your self-worth, why your self-esteem is so compromised that you’re not only willing to accept that but pursue it, plead to be allowed to stay,” Dr. Phil says to Marcea. “You’re saying, ‘Abuse me, abuse my trust, violate every tenant of our relationship, our agreement as a husband and a wife. Do that to me not once, not twice but over, and over, and over again. Throw it in my face, wave it in my face, but please let me stay.'”

When Marcea tries to explain her behavior, Dr. Phil asks her, “Why is it up to him what happens in your life? Why are you waiting for him to tell you what you’re going to do with your life?”

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