Christian recording artist Michele Pillar says she started singing when she was 5 and recording music at 19. The three-time Grammy nominee says she’s now the happiest she’s ever been, but her life wasn’t always that way. She says she was trying to escape her childhood home when, at 17, she found out she was pregnant by an older man she had been dating for just a few months.

“And for me, that was so devasting because my whole goal in life was to be the perfect little girl to try to make up for all the mayhem in my home that I grew up in. I thought if I could just be perfect enough, I could make up for everybody else’s stuff,” she says.

Michele opted to terminate the pregnancy and says she carried shame over it for a long time. “I felt like everywhere I turned, it was always sabotaging me to carry that shame,” she says. “I felt like an imposter.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’Terrorized By My Teenager’,” Michele opens up about her life as she describes it in her new book, Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free.

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Michele Pillar's book, “Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free,” is available for purchase on her website and wherever books are sold.

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