Megan says although it was a difficult decision, she had good reason to cut her father, Allen, out of her life two years ago.

But Allen claims he has no idea what was behind his daughter’s decision, and says he believes her husband, Jim, may have forced her to do so.

WATCH: Father Claims Daughter’s Husband 'Turned Her' Against Him: ‘He Has Eliminated Everybody In My Daughter’s Life’

“Jim is the one behind the scenes that has told my daughter not to talk to me,” Allen claims. “He has eliminated everybody in my daughter’s life who might have some influence over her."

However, Megan says she explained everything to her father in great detail – or at least, she says, she tried to in a 10-page letter on social media, which she says her father dismissed as nothing but “gobbledygook.”

WATCH: Daughter Defends Decision To Cut Her Dad Out Of Her Life

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil goes over a list of accusations Megan and Jim have made against Allen that they say explain their decision to keep him out of their lives. How big a part of their problems is Megan’s feeling that Allen dismissed her letter? And, how will Allen respond to Jim and Megan’s allegations?

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.